COTTON’S BOSTONS advocates support for Boston’s 400th Anniversary in 2030 by shedding light on the life of Rev. John Cotton and how individuals from Boston, Lincolnshire played a pivotal role in founding the Mass. Bay Company and Boston, Massachusetts.

Although Boston’s 400th Anniversary is a little more than ten years in the future, COTTON’S BOSTONS champions the lead up to Boston’s 400th in 2030 by tracking the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Company and the stories of immigrants from the town of Boston and other areas of Lincolnshire, England from 1620 through 1641.

Nearly one hundred years ago, Boston celebrated the 300th Anniversary of its founding. For the occasion, Mayor Curley dedicated the Founders Memorial that now graces the Boston Common. What follows has been taken from and can be downloaded at the TERCENTENARY OF THE FOUNDING OF BOSTON.


Boston Mayor, James Michael Curley is shown smiling at the center at the 1930 celebration of Boston’s Tercentenary.
From the far left are Gen. John J. Pershing, Calvin Coolidge, John D. Rockefeller & Harvard Pres., A. Lawrence Lowell.
L-R: Thomas Johnson, Social Director, Boston; Reuben Salter, Mayor Boston UK & James Curley, Mayor of Boston, MA

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