My name is Barry Arthur Cotton and I am the 7th great-grandson of John Cotton, the Puritan Patriarch of New-England. John Cotton was a Founding Father to America’s Founding Fathers and was pivotal in establishing America’s first public school and its first institution of higher learning, Harvard College.

I served on the Board of the Winthrop Society for 9 years, was National Chairman & President for 5 years, and elected President Emeritus in 2010. Concurrently, I served as a Trustee of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons for 14 years and have authored articles for the Winthrop Journal and the Mayflower Quarterly. Recently, I contributed several articles to BOSTON: The Small Town with a Big Story published September 2019.


  1. Society of the Cincinnati (Massachusetts Branch)
  2. Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts
  3. Order of Founders and Patriots of America
  4. General Society of the Mayflower
  5. Winthrop Society
  6. General Society of Colonial Wars
  7. National Society of Descendants of Colonial Clergy
  8. Hereditary Order of the First Families of Massachusetts
  9. National Society of the Sons & Daughters of the Pilgrims
  10. National Society of the Sons of Colonial New England
  11. National Society of Sons of American Colonists
  12. Sons of the American Revolution
  13. Order of the Indian Wars of the United States of America
  14. Society of the War of 1812
  15. Military Society of the War of 1812
  16. First Families of Ohio
  17. Society of Indiana Pioneers
  18. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

I also maintain a personal blog/website @ THE COTTON CHRONICLES.

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