My name is Barry Arthur Cotton and I am the 7th great-grandson of John Cotton, the Puritan Patriarch of New-England. John Cotton was a Founding Father to America’s Founding Fathers and was pivotal in establishing America’s first public school and its first institution of higher learning, Harvard College.

I served on the Board of the Winthrop Society for 9 years, was elected National Chairman & President, and became President Emeritus in 2010. Concurrently, I served as Trustee of the Partnership of the Historic Bostons for 14 years and have authored articles for the Winthrop Journal and the Mayflower Quarterly.

Currently, I am writing a biography of John Cotton titled JOHN COTTON: An Intimate Investigation of His Life and Times,  which was awarded First Place in the WRITERS’ LEAGUE OF TEXAS MANUSCRIPT CONTEST for nonfiction. At the same time, I am working on a book titled, THE MASSACHUSETTS BAY COMPANY BOSTON MEN.

I also maintain a personal blog/website @ THE COTTON CHRONICLES.


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