ABOVE: original record from 2 March 1629 mentioning the Boston Men. BELOW: excerpt from MBC Records published 1853.

Also, it being propounded that Mr. Coney, in behalf of the Boston men, (whereof divers had promised, though not in our book underwritten, to adventure £400 for joint stock) that now there desire was 10 persons might underwrite £25 per man in the joint stock, they all promising these ships to adventure in there particular above £250 more, and to provide able men to send over for managing of business, which though it be prejudicial to the general stock, by the abatement of so much money thereout, yet appearing really to conduce more to the good of the plantation, which is most desired, it was condinscended unto.

SOURCE:  Records of the Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England From 1628 to 1641. Edited by S F Haven. Vol. I, Boston: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1850.

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